Kyle Korver prewriting

Kyle Korver’s article has highlighted one of the biggest problems in today’s society. Fortunately for the cause, Many of Korver’s teammates are of the oppressed race and therefore had to come easier for his “awakening”. To awaken one person it took an influence of an entire league. In order to try and awaken UNE would take an unbelievable amount of movements. This would require a lot of strong,weak, and a shift in social habits of the “mostly white” UNE student population. I think it would be very hard to start the movement with more than just your strong ties due to the fact that it doesn’t affect most of the population. In that case, I would have to use my strong ties to get an important influence. I would also have to advertise for the situation that would not only notify them of the current issue but also educate them on this social justice problem.  We would have to convince them that racism is a problem. Second we would have to convince them that even if it doesn’t affect them that they are apart of the problem by not doing anything about it.


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