Re. An Animals Place Sept. 12th

Sept 17th

Peter Singer grew a very significant endless conversation that started because Pollan came across an article that he initially found absolutely ridiculous for someone to consume meat as he was ironically eating meat at the time he came across the article.  But Pollan didn’t come by this in any dumb manner; he approached this argument without outwardly lashing back and actually came out with a completely different outcome than he originally expected to start. One thing he for sure did was prove that he will continue to eat meat.


Peter Singer made some very harsh claims about people eating meat. He states that it is a type of speciesism and that people who are doing this should be looked at the same way as racist and anti-Semitist. With this being Singers oar Pollan not only has to find a way to make the sound of killing an animal correct but he also had to figure out things like why it would be ok and if humans have a responsibility to animals’ safety instead of killing them. In “An Animals Place”; Pollan was able to put his oar into the conversation without completely lashing out at what Singer had to say. He concluded that there were just and very unjust ways to kill an animal and that there are ways that are ok to kill an animal.

I do not agree with Singers conclusion for the reasons being that it has been in human nature both morally with things like religion; or even scientifically as man has been eating meat by hunting other animals. We as humans have always had to understand how to survive and eating what you hunt became a skill since early on in our ancestry. In American society today eating meat has maintained itself as part of everyday culture. So, to say that mainstream culture should be looked at the same as a racist or an anti- Semitist wouldn’t be a fair assessment. But the way that some animals are used in killed are unethical with the fact that they have a right to a just life.

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